MBE Session: Low – Hanging Fruit in the Federal Sector (Market Entry and Growth Opportunities for Small Business) (Guy Timberlake)
Lost in the frenzy of federal contracting are opportunity hacks for vendors that often go unnoticed. One of these opportunity hacks that every contractor should know about is the purchasing method known as Simplified Acquisitions, a streamlined procurement method introduced in 1994. For the last 10 fiscal years, this type of purchase has increased in spending more than $1B per fiscal year on average, capped off with a $2.7B increase from FY2017 to FY2018. Additionally, procurements made this way are inherently geared to small business concerns, have a lower burden of response and account for purchases of goods and services in every industry sector. Simplified Acquisitions are fast-moving procurements of important goods and services for nearly every federal agency and represent a great way for small businesses to get a ‘foot in the door’ and supplement sustained growth.

Corporate Session: Strategies for Federal Subcontracting (Michelle McCoy)
As a corporation, how do you conduct business with the federal government under a federal award? What is required? What is self-certification and what are the basics of subcontracting plans and reporting requirements? It’s easier than you might think. This session will teach you the high-level basic information you need to know to align yourself for federal subcontracting opportunities.

Joint Session (Corp & MBE): Becoming a Person of Influence in a New Economy (Melissa Nixon)
Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. A leader’s ability to influence engages associates, grows sales, and positively impacts change. Participants will discuss and learn:

  • The ten fundamental qualities that define influencers
  • How influence develops through four stages of progression: modeling, motivating,
  • mentoring, and multiplying
  • Connecting practices that forge lasting relationships
  • How to cultivate relationships once they are developed

MBE Session: Maximizing Outcomes Through Negotiations (Jason Caldwell)

“Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” This training offers successful strategies and teaches key actions to take prior to entering a negotiation. The negotiation result is the culmination of the daily activities that prepare you while leading the client to the outcome that you desire.
Session Benefits

  • Achieve better results in both formal and informal negotiations
  • Build confidence in your bargaining power and abilities
  • Improve negotiations by managing your emotions and influencing others
  • Build positive, productive relationships with all parties at the table

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the interests, priorities, and goals of all parties
  • Maximizing opportunity through pre-negotiation preparation
  • Improving communication by listening and asking questions
  • Making offers at the right time and in the right way
  • Transforming competition into cooperation—and opponents into partners
  • Recognizing when to walk away from the table

Corporate Session: NMSDC Vendor Management & The Value of Integrated Systems (Marjilette Brown and Clifton Clark)
Attendees will learn the following useful skills around navigating the NMSDC Vendor Management System and the business case for system integration:

  • How to use the NMSDC Vendor Management System – Marjilette
    • System Purpose
    • Access requirements
    • System Features
    • How to Search & Filter
    • Where to find support
  • The value of an integrated Vendor Management System – Clifton
    • Vendor Management – the purpose
    • Customer Requirements
    • System Requirements
    • Converting data to information
    • Integration options

Positioning Your Business For The Future
At the end of this workshop, the participants will learn business world approaches to leading through forced or voluntary change and have an implementable change framework that incorporates empowerment, personal accountability and ownership to achieve successful outcomes.